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Apr 6, 2022

Dr. Robyn talks developing relationships with our bodies; sitting and BREATHING (coregulation) in nature; rejecting & reclaiming spirituality; autism (sensory overwhelm); & MORE.

Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza (TransQueer Latinx Activist Scholar & Politicized Theologian) joins me for a heart-felt conversation about co-creating & rebuilding heart-centered communities and connections (with ourselves, our bodies and our communities)!

We also talk:
relationships as HEALING;
proliferating love;
a love-hate relationship with humanity;
eating food together as powerful connection;
the transactional nature of capitalism;
needing better models to pattern ourselves after;
fragmenting of self;
spirituality as CONNECTION;
reconnecting to our inner truth;
having ideas, not answers;
sitting in nature and remembering how to BE (SLOW down);
defining 'god';
atheism & agnosticism;
pantheism (god in everything);
forest bathing & earthing;
the slow road back to self;
composting social media;
the challenge of being around people;
the paradox of being meaningfully very small and very big;
and MORE!

AND Non Wels joins to talk about reconnecting with our inner-child.  Pre-order his Dear Childhood Me journal.

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Recorded March 14, 22 (Intro: April 4&5) 2022.

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