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Jul 26, 2022

Karrigan shares her story with autism, sensory issues, letting go of shame, SPECIAL INTERESTS (Lady Gaga & Jurassic Park), chronic pain, Endometriosis & Adenomyosis, shitty doctors, AND getting a hysterectomy in her 20s.

We also talk:
not being taken seriously by doctors;
masking chronic pain;
self-hatred AND no longer hating the self;
being bullied for her special interests;
learning to mask at a young age;
finding people to unmask with;
NEEDING support;
the ability to read people's repressed inner worlds;
the shame of "laziness;
the importance and privilege of having a quiet & consistent home;
being raised by a single mother;
Gastrointestinal issues;
people's discomfort with your pain;
and MORE.

“I planned my entire day around being in pain…and not everybody likes to hear that”

Recorded November 16, 2021 (intro/outro: July 24, 2022).

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