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Dec 6, 2022

Dayle Hendrix returns (episode 120) to talk about death & destroyers, creative endings & new beginnings, surviving capitalism, and the pre/post-apocalypse need for REAL community.

We also discuss:
Re-learning how to play and celebrate and have fun;
Honouring and embracing destroyer/death energy;
Running towards your demons;
The SHADOW self;
The fear of what’s inside;
Being an artist AND trying to survive capitalism;
Foraging for food;
Elders & the internet age;
Death & killing as apart of the life process;
Avoiding death & discomfort;
Welcoming all the parts;
Trying to be “good” as a way of avoiding truth & authenticity;
Community & belonging;
Capitalist transactional relationships;
Having basic needs covered in order to thrive;
Capitalism does not support community;
Relationship is healing;
Being a part of community with challenging members—diversity rather than a homogenous blob;
Learning how to be in real relationship with people;
Holding two seemingly opposing truths at once;
We are tender, beautiful & challenging creatures who NEED each other;
Growth vs shut-down/fear;
The spark of life is still there underneath all the hurt, it doesn’t die;
and more!

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Recorded May 16, 2022 (intro/outro Dec 3, 2022).

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