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Sep 14, 2016

Piotr Burek, tells his story of testing positive for HIV and how he's learned to navigate his emotions and live a healthy life.  

We also discuss:
feeling like you've been given a death sentence, being outed without consent, complex family dynamics, moving to safer places, dating a sex worker, disclosing (to partners and others), STIs, being overwhelmed, the process of testing HIV+ as a young person, feeling dirty, shame, catholic guilt, stigma around disclosure and HIV, feeling vulnerable, using drugs and alcohol to numb feelings, antiretroviral drugs, support systems, cruising sites, support groups, having a sex life after testing positive, serodiscordant relationships, awareness of transmission risks, serosorting, sex positivity, polyamory, monogamy, "soul mates", being cheated on, jealousy, ownership, taking responsibility for your own health, sex risks, AIDS, being LGBTQIA2+ and SO MUCH MORE!

This is SUCH an interesting conversation!

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