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Aug 12, 2018

Corinna talks being an empath, intuit & witch; bipolar; TAROT; plant medicines; addiction & sobriety; AND she gives me a tarot reading!

CW: sexual assault, disordered eating, suicide, bullying, emotional abuse, violence.

This is one of my favourite episodes ever. If you've ever experienced trauma (every humyn on this planet), you will get something out of this conversation, I promise. Corinna (@riseupgoodwitch) is a witch and a politically radical intuit who is actively healing herself and others. She's also been diagnosed with bipolar and sees the inter-connectivity between science and magic.

We also discuss: 
multiple sexual assaults,
being HIGHLY sensitive,
FEELING the trauma on this planet,
being traumatized by the medical system,
going off meds entirely ("I DON'T NEED SUPPORT!"),
having healing powers BUT needing to heal self in order to actually support others,
challenging the system,
making healing accessible to ALL (not just wealthy folks),
watching your parents heal and transform,
sitting with "I don't deserve love",
people pleasing as trauma,
traumatized parents who won't go to therapy,
traumatic repression w/in the family structure ("everything's fine"),
drinking too much and yelling at people,
harming people,
enjoying being in your thirties,
substance use as a coping mechanism for trauma,
manic episodes,
heroin, opioid, benzo, & alcohol addiction,
intentional psychedelic use,
cannabis abuse (using to escape and numb),
mood stabilizers,
having an abusive father,
emotional regulation,
being a community support worker,
social work,
grieving & healing,
making amends!,
feeling WITH plants,
a family assassination!!!
trauma (+inherited trauma),
toxic masculinity,
AND so much more!

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