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Aug 28, 2018

CW: sexual assault, violence, murder, and suicide.

Shayne Dyment has spent 22 of his 47 years in prison.  In the last few years, he has been diagnosed with BPD and ADHD which has allowed him to access support for his illnesses.  BASICALLY, Shayne is a glowing example of how untreated trauma and mental illness can manifest in EXTREME pain and suffering.  Oh, also, he's currently serving a life sentence for murder...  But, don't let that trip you up, because Shayne is one of the most sensitive, well spoken people I've ever talked to.  JUST LOOK at the episode photo--that's the smile of a kind soul. 

In the last few years, he's discovered theatre and poetry and piano and has found them to be TREMENDOUS outlets for his internal pain and his feelings.  

This is a MUST listen.  I know I say every episode is my favourite, but this one hits me right in the feelings.  

We also talk about: 
being abandoned by parents who struggled with addiction; 
sexual abuses he faced and hid from himself and the world due to shame; 
fear of rejection + abandonment; 
being HIGHLY sensitive; 
overcoming fear; 
solitary confinement; 
intuition & empathy; 
extreme feelings of loneliness; 
understanding your triggers; 
the power of validation and support groups; 
and SO much more.



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