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Jan 20, 2019

Raul is disabled, queer and radical; they have Lyme Disease & Bipolar; we talk dissociation, CPTSD, Meds, support systems, being young and disabled & more!

CW: violence

Raul Odo has been living with chronic pain since they were 6 and were bitten by a lyme-carrying tick.  It was caught immediately, and Raul was informed that they would never have to worry about it...but somehow the antibiotics didn't kill the bacteria.  This is their story!

We also discuss: 
being young and disabled, 
being homeless and sick, 
inability to work a 9-5 job, 
introversion vs. extroversion, 
doctors who don't listen, 
social media as a support community + outlet, 
coming out trans/queer at a young age, 
aaaaaaand MORE.

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