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Mar 17, 2019

An Anonymous guest tells the story of how his childhood sexual abuse is tightly wound into his inability to "feel" heavy emotions (eg. when his best-friend died) and how later that manifested in what he now refers to as "Pure OCD".  Then, as a 30 year old, he was sexually assaulted in a hook-up-gone-HORRIBLY-wrong on a foreign island, halfway across the world where homosexuality was either illegal or frowned upon--no one there for support; no one there to help him medically.  He was damaged emotionally and physically.  He felt stuck.  He felt ashamed.  He felt helpless.  He felt like he should have been able to stop it.  This is what trauma looks like.

Topics discussed include: 
coping mechanisms, 
mental health, 
the power of sharing these stories, 
not having a high "sex drive", 
and SO much more.

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