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May 11, 2021

A BONUS audio journal in which I discuss my relationship with the GIANT beaming volcano of LOVE inside of me and how I've been taught to repress it and to feel shame about it (and shame about how I experience the world differently than other people) AND how I'm learning to live authentically and to LET THAT LOVE SHIIIIIINE!

Take the mask off, take the armour off, let the love in, let love shine!

I also discuss:
the PAIN of being alive;
disconnection + reconnection with self;
autism, small talk, neurodiversity; IMPOSTOR syndrome;
climate change, capitalism, colonialism as forces propelled by the disconnection from self and environment;
encountering people's FEAR;
making AMENDS as an act of LOVE;
suicide as a result of hiding myself away;
surrender as an act of POWER not weakness;
CRYING with someone and REALLY, TRULY connecting;
trauma bonding;
and SO much more!

Recorded April 1, 2021.

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