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Jun 20, 2016

Crystal talks: existential depression; rejecting beauty standards; self-worth; MAKING ART; purpose; coping mechanisms; spirituality; meditation; & more!

Crystal Dorval (AKA White Poppy: musician/artist) and I chat about the anxiety & depression connected to PURPOSE, self-worth, and "success" (WHAT EVEN is THAT?).

We also Discuss:
the endless pursuit of purpose and meaning,
challenging families,
meditation & mindfulness,
being a HIGHLY sensitive person (HSP),
rejecting beauty standards (body hair),
WHAT makes someone 'happy'/content,
black-and-white thinking,
distorted thinking,
existential depression,
coping mechanisms,
breaking habits and thought patterns,
creating art,
being "famous", and SPORTS!!!

Listen to Crystal's music here:

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