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Jul 7, 2021

Conflict is inevitable. My partner, Tuna, joins me to destigmatize conflict within relationships (especially for people with deep attachment wounds and traumas)--to normalize "sometimes it feels really hard to be in relationship (and this is how we find meaning within that)."

We also discuss:
FEAR of CLOSENESS, intimacy & love;
crying together (healing);
being HIGHLY sensitive;
developing code words and unique language;
learning to sit with my feelings before responding or reacting;
non-violent communication;
creating a world within a relationship;
emotional CO-regulation;
NEEDING other people;
plant medicines;
FULLY resolving conflict;
taking my armour off, dismantling my walls;
repressing needs/feelings;
fear of conflict;
CREATIVITY & Co-creating;
and SO much more!

Recorded July 4 & 6 2021.

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