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Apr 13, 2023

CW: contains talk of death, surgery, suicide, & grief.

Sara returns!!! (ep 4) to talk about being humbled by a CATASTROPHIC year in her life AND how she learned to TRULY love herself through it.  This story is VERY touching and beautiful!

Also Producer Kye & Gaby show up to talk about MAGICAL T-SHIRTS

We also discuss:
there is PURPOSE on the other side of pain;
AA & 12-step recovery;
things not going the way we want;
addiction & soothing;
wanting to create from love, not fear;
NEEDing others;
being a creative AND needing to step away from social media;
learning hard lessons;
feeling AND avoiding pain;
taking the fear-armor off;
and MORE.

Recorded July 8, 2022 (intro/outro April 11&12, 2023).

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