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Apr 15, 2018

Janet talks binge eating & purging; her mother's death; fatphobia; body-shaming & positivity; the myth of "good" and "bad" food; 12-step programs & the challenges of recovery and MORE!

CW: suicide, self-harm, addiction, death.

Janet Ford (artist & author) talks about her 22 years of disordered eating.  It started at age 14, as her mom was dying, and soon she became addicted to both-binge eating and purging as a coping mechanism.  At one point she was binge/purging 4-8 times per day (each purge could cost $100 and she spent ~3 hours in the bathroom afterwards each time).  She lied, cheated and stole so she could afford the habit.  BUT, there's redemption!  This is a fascinating story for anyone, whether you suffer from eating disorders or not.

We also talk about:
misconceptions about bulimia, body positive instagram accounts, diet culture, breaking down "good" and "bad" food, the concept of 'health', adults as role models for children, recovery and SO much more!

Janet is the author of Delusions of Grandeur and the soon-to-be-published 100 Days of Bulimia.  She can be reached on Instagram @fordjanet or

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