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Jun 25, 2018

Lola talks psychological & sexual abuse; victim blaming; BPD; bulimia; living in constant fear; self-harm; suicidal ideation; healing & helping others to heal!

CW: suicide, self-harm, cutting, sexual abuse, rape, disordered eating.

Lola (Med Student; Brazil) was psychologically and sexually abused by a trusted family member for ten years when she was young.  As a teen. her first romantic relationship was emotionally abusive and in her early 20's, she was raped by a stranger.  She lived in constant fear for over ten years until one day she decided she NEEDED to speak up about it (or else she might explode).  Lola was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in her 20's.  She's now in medical school, soon to be a doctor, and has found healing in speaking about her experience with abuse.  This is her story.

We also talk about: 
suicidal ideation, 
victim blaming, 
internet support communities (instagram), 
getting the wrong diagnosis, 
and SO much more!

*Take head to the keywords in this description so you understand what may be a trigger for you!  This is a difficult topic for most people but it is of the UTMOST importance that we listen to survivors of sexual and emotional abuse!*

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