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May 17, 2022

In which I sit beside the river and share ideas about decolonizing the inner landscape, slowing down & shifting the Emotional Climate-Change (within every humyn on this planet).

Also discussed:

Grieving and celebrating as part of honouring life;

Carrying grief from ancestors;

Sensitivity as a gift to humyns;

Colonial mindset ("it only has value if I decide it has value") vs Community mindset ("everything has intrinsic value whether or not I understand it");

"I don’t own my emotions";

Climate change as humyns forgetting how to belong;

PEACE as a fluctuating state (like the seasons and emotions);

Welcoming my anxious parts;

Being a part of the earth system and the internal system;

Being PART of community;

Meditation & rest;

“I’m too busy to rest and slow down”;

The dominator/colonial mindset (the anthropocentric mindset);

Remembering how to belong (to self and community);

Remembering how to be apart of the non-humyn community;

Decolonization (starts within—how I treat my self, my body, my emotions);

Inner peace is outer peace;

Realigning the inner parts;

Where I’m at is exactly where I’m at (honouring that);

Welcoming in all of my parts and emotions;

Being a part of a humyn system that is beyond us (which is actively destroying & harming the planet and ourselves);

The first step is saying “whoa, I’m stuck” and honouring that and BEing there;


Recorded April 16, 2022.

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