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Jan 19, 2022

Dayle Hendrix's entire life changed when, at age 16, she received a terminal diagnosis (Fabry Disease).  She thought she'd be dead at 30, but she's surpassed that age and now she's making sense of her diagnosis and what LIFE and DEATH mean to her.  This is one of my fav episodes!

We also discuss:

Being raised as a conservative Christian;


The loneliness & challenge of processing a terminal diagnosis;


Denial of death;

Death rituals;

Wanting to leave a legacy & be remembered;

The fear of heaven and hell;



What happens after I die?;

the Christian savior complex (Good intentions which harm others);

Missions trips (colonialism);

The challenge of looking into the mirror;

Fear of death (and anxiety);

Needing intimacy;

Laughter as a defense mechanism;

Everyone has a terminal diagnosis, they just haven’t received it from an authority figure;

Ignoring death and grief = not fully living;

Partying as a response to a conservative, Christian upbringing;

Gentle, slow healing;

Surfing the waves of life;

Exercising when I feel scared (releasing the physical energy);

Integrating emotional changes;

Avoidance-of-death as a cultural trait;

Grieving as a way of celebrating and honouring death/loss;

Seeing many different perspectives;

Honouring the weirdos (wackadoodles);

and MUCH more.

Dayle's IG @the___simple___life & Youtube!

Recorded Dec 20, 2021 (Intro: Jan 18 & 19 2022).

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