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Feelin Weird is a podcast with the intention to:

  1. DE-STIGMATIZE all aspects of life;
  2. DIRECTLY TALK ABOUT the taboo things we've been told NOT to talk about;
  3. NORMALIZE the experience of being alive;
  4. SUPPORT listeners to understand their emotions, parts and inner-worlds;


Who am I?

Hi, I'm Kye--err--I'm "the healing-weirdo-artist currently and formerly known as Kye Plant"!  I make podcasts, visual art, & music, I also hold space for people in a relational-healing capacity.  I identify as genderfluid, queer and autistic.  I spent most of my life trying to be "normal" (does that exist??) only to find out that I will never be normal, I AM, at my core, a god-damned weirdo--HALLELUJAH!

Holy shit, I've struggled so hard in life.  I'm in my mid 30's and LOVING it now but I spent most of my life trying to erase myself, fixated on self-hatred and punishment.  I didn't believe I deserved love.  I was previously diagnosed with BPD, General Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression (though I don't identify with DSM diagnoses anymore). I've spent time in psych wards; I've tried to kill myself multiple times.  I've struggled with addiction and disordered eating (binge/purge). I felt so fucking confused about what my sexuality or gender identity is.  It's been A LOT!

I hit rock bottom (a few times) and since then I have found DEEP HEALING.  I have found my inner strength, confidence, and beauty.  I now have a powerful understanding of my emotions, my parts, and my inner world.  I spent my life thinking I was an insignificant waste-of-space, now I see that I am a powerful, majestic gentle-giant!


Why Do I Make This Podcast?

I started Feelin Weird as a lily-pad of safety, relief and comfort from a world that can feel VERY scary (for myself and for others).  It started as a mental-health podcast, now I consider it "Healing for Weirdos" (a place of love, silliness, and honesty which fosters non-hierarchical, consensual healing through nurturing and building of relationships with the inner landscape).

Each episode, I speak with someone about THEIR experience: what it FEELS like to be them.  We talk about things they may or may not have ever really said out loud. 

In hearing it, it creates connection and healing--a sense that "I'm not alone; I'm not as bad/gross/shitty as I thought I was AND I'm uniquely weird/beautiful because I'm ME (and nobody else has had my exact experiences)."

Feelin Weird is a celebration of LIFE.
It's a celebration of WEIRD.
It's a celebration of DIVERSITY.
It's a celebration of CONNECTION.
It's a place to unmask and be AUTHENTICALLY YOU!

From the bottom of my rainbow heart to yours, I hope you can feel some love in the world today.

Keep bein weird, ya goddamned weirdo;

-Kye Plant

Here's a LIST of every Bonus & Regular Episode I've ever released!