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Mar 1, 2022

Natalia and I navigate shut down; taking in love; fear of people, spirits, & losing control; magic, mystery & awe; challenging trips; reclaiming spirituality; & "what is my place in this world??"

Natalia joins me for what MIGHT be the most interesting & challenging podcast recording I've ever made!

We discuss:
psychedelics as agents of change, healing + harm;
reclaiming spirituality & magic;
challenging trips;
fear of love, people, ghosts, demons, spirits, bears, cougars, sleeping alone, losing control;
spirituality (and shame);
the mystery, magic and AWE of life;
the harm of capitalism;
"what is my place in society?";
the importance of ART, relationships, and beauty;
nurturing silliness, play & creativity;
and MUCH more.

Recorded July 13, 2021 (intro: Feb 24, 2022).

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