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Jan 29, 2022

Do you need and/or want someone to listen to and hold space for you as you grieve/feel and reconnect with your body and emotions?  Are you tired of seeing therapists who don't ACTUALLY listen or support you?  Do you like hearing my voice and want to be heard by me?  Do you want to remember how to feel, how to REALLY exist in your body?  Do you need to grieve generations of pain and sorrow?  I can be that person for you (if it feels right).  

I have been sitting with people one-on-one in a relational-healing context for the last 4 months and I want to open myself up to sitting with new people.

I'm not a therapist/counsellor but I do have a gift for holding space and going deep with people.  I will not psychoanalyze you, I will not try to fix you; I will support you as best as I can, in a way that actually FEELS supportive to YOU.

Sliding Scale + Pay What You Can rates; no one will be turned away who is too poor.

Send me an email if you're curious: