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May 6, 2022

Kitty Sipple talks collective grief; multiplicity; the psychiatric industrial complex; synchronicities, magic & tarot; living in extreme states; & being Mad, Multiple and Autistic.

Kitty is Mad & multiple. they are a constellation of neuroqueer/Autistic polymath polymorphic storytellers. kitty exists in this timeline as a white, disabled, trans/non-binary femme creature.

We also talk:
the collective self (many people within one person);
Dissociative Identity Disorder;
existing in different timelines;
connecting through grief;
grief & joy;
grieving as CELEBRATING life;
compassion, grace & forgiveness of self (and others);
unlearning capitalism;
the magic of "I'm not ALONE!";
the fool & the magician (tarot cards);
making amends;
disconnecting and reconnecting to community;
banishing the self;
witnessing animals grieve;
non-hierarchical power;
AUTHENTIC connection as a BALM for loneliness;
trauma fundamentalism;
and MORE.

Kitty's website & IG @fungifemme

Recorded Feb 7 (Intro: May 5&6), 2022.

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