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Jun 29, 2018

Alice talks CFS; Underactive Thyroid Disease; doctors who don't listen; General Anxiety Disorder; depression; panic attacks; IBS; radical acceptance & being a mental health advocate!

Alice Sickface (Mental Health Worker; Body Positivity Influencer) spent one year with crippling depression (and some confusing health concerns).  Later she was diagnosed with an Underactive Thyroid (after her first doctor shrugged it off MANY times) which was the culprit.  She works in the mental health field yet still struggled with the stigmatization of her own mental health and the necessity for pharmaceuticals to treat her General Anxiety Disorder.  

We also talk about:
mono (glandular fever),
her greatest fear coming true (and her surviving),
mental health related tv shows,
Against Me!,
and SO much more!

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